Why an event on a cruise ship vs hotel?

When you look at the cost of attending an educational event on land vs. at sea, the comparison is very obvious the better deal!

  • The cost per night is as low as $89 per person vs $200+ per room
  • All meals are included while on the cruise ship and are available around the clock
  • Entertainment for everyone
  • On-site child care
  • No long walks or taxi rides from your sessions to your hotel
  • 24-hour room service

Why is there a separate fee in addition to my payment to Carnival Cruise?

With any conference, there is normally a registration fee to cover costs to produce the event. These costs are assessed on a per person basis and that cost is passed on to each attendee.

Your room reservation is through Carnival directly and the registration fee will be processed through this site.

How much will the total cost be?

The first factor depends on your room as your base cost (based on double occupancy). Once you have your base, then you will need to add the taxes, fees, and port expenses (about $50 per person) and also add the gratuities for the cruise staff (about $60 – click here to read about tipping on a Carnival cruise).

What are the deposits for the cruise ship?

Deposits vary from $50 and up depending on when you book and the length of the cruise.

For the 4 day cruise, the deposit is normally $150 per person and final payment due 60 days prior to sailing.

You will find information here on Carnival’s website regarding deposits and final payments.

Is Wi-Fi available while we are on board the ship?

Yes, you can read more about Wi-Fi packages available on board.

Is this event a tax deduction for my business?

This question should be answered by your tax professional to help guide you on which expenses if any, qualify as a tax deduction.